Saturday, May 8, 2010

What A Difference A Day Makes!

The improvement is dramatic!! Holy WOW!! As today progresses, I feel better hour by hour. Even if I slump a little this evening, no matter. Feeling this good all over is such a change. And so sudden!

Last night Kevin and ventured out to Sharon and Kent's to meet up with Patty and Ron because we women had planned a sock monkey making venture. I wanted to go for at least a little while. Once I got moving, I realized how woozy I was. Dizzy. Not too stable. Probably the morphine. So I got myself seated as soon as we got there and, with Sharon's expert guidance with all things "sewing", we figured out to make sock monkeys from the rather sketchy and incomplete instructions. We didn't finish, but here's what I have so far. How exciting! One of my moneky's arms is much fatter than the other so I decided that this monkey has lymphodema. No jokes about the fluffy crotch. I just haven't sewn it up there yet. I've always loved sock monkeys but, as it turns out, only half as much as Patty! And why should we long for sock monkeys when they can't be that hard to make, right?

Despite the dizziness, I managed pretty good last night, all considered. If it hurt when I smiled, you can only imagine how much it hurt to laugh! In that regard, this was not such a good group to hang out with. It was not easy to maintain my frown. I was certainly exhausted when I got home and I slept like a rock, waking up once in the night to take some pain killers and antibiotic.

When I woke up, I had the usual post-dental pain ... maybe a little more than the usual, but still not bad and as the day has progressed, I've felt better and better, though I'm still taking morphine and tylenol along with the antibiotics because I'm terrified of returning to that pain! TERRIFIED! I'm a little nervous about running out of morphine but I really do believe tylenol will be enough to hold the mouth pain at bay now that the infection is being beat down by the antibiotics.

The other reason I'm feeling so good is that I have less aching in my bones, muscles and joints! Because I suspect that the morphine has something to do with that, too, and because I run out of morphine tonight, I've tried to do lots of house cleaning today ... because I CAN!! I can run up and down stairs ... no Frankenstein walk ... no warming up to movement ... I can get up and down off the floor without a crazy struggle ... my arms still have limited mobility but are much less painful and I can move them farther. What I notice most is that I have more strength! I really took to both bathrooms and did a much needed DEEP clean, which included getting down on my hands and knees and scrubbing the floors by hand. My reach for cleaning the tub and my strength for scrubbing with my arm extended is much improved! Quite remarkable really! Aside from a little aching in my mouth and jaw, I really feel better than I've felt in a very long time. It's almost easy to forget that I've been through the breast cancer wringer ... if I don't see my hair.

Thanks, Syl and Don, for the mini-rose bush! I haven't tried roses before and was thinking I might like to try some.

Luke is in Calgary this weekend playing lacrosse. They won their Friday and Saturday games and they play again tomorrow.  I talked to Hannah today, too, and she's walking on sunshine ... as she should!

While I was in my dark hole this past week, lots of growth emerged in the garden! It was such a surprise to walk outside today and find so much there. There will be blooms soon! How exciting!

I did have a nasty shock today when I opened the fridge to get some cottage cheese for lunch! ICK!! Right there beside my cottage cheese is a clear container of slugs!! They were moving! GROSS!! I phoned Kevin immediately to let him know how impressed I was and as soon as he answered the phone I knew it was useless because he was already giggling. He and Kevin Kaschl were out and about and laughing themselves silly as they were shopping for "decorations" for their boat. My finding surprise slugs in the upstairs fridge just made their day, I think!



  1. I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling better. Who knew that a tooth could give you that much grief? Ewwww on the slugs - not cool Kevin lol.

  2. That tooth ordeal was AWFUL! Seriously!

    Kevin corrected me. Those aren't slugs. They're leeches. So much better. NOT!!!


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