Saturday, May 15, 2010

She rides again!

Having air in the tires makes a remarkable difference!
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  1. Love this picture! I notice you have even matched up your shirt colour with "Tiger Lily".
    I tried a Spin class at the PAC last week; didn't go well - the bike seat and I don't have a good fit! And my head doesn't like the bobbing when I stand and pedal. And my broken foot was alittle sore after (have no idea how this is worse than any other exerise to date). So I much prefer to enjoy leisurely strolls outside - like you.

  2. Hi Laurel!

    I wince just reading the words "spin class"! Any time you're up for some leisurely neighbourhood biking, give me a shout. I like my big ass bike ... on a nice day ... with no wind ... and no hills.

  3. Hey Heather,
    Good to actually see you on your bike. Love the hat!! I am so glad you get to ride again. Anytime you want to ride or walk I am in. Ron and I have been running by the river, but I think I enjoy the scenery much better when I walk, ha ha! Talk to you soon!


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