Monday, May 24, 2010

Finally. Flowers. Sunshine!

Here are our first flowers! So pretty! The clematis is just about to burst out in blooms.

We were invited to Rex and Erin's cabin this weekend but couldn't get away. We had too much to do and today we finally had a day where Kevin could do some yard work. I needed to pack. Luke needed to coach lacrosse this weekend and mow lawn at his grandparent's place. I do look forward to a weekend at a cabin. One of these weekends.

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  1. So pretty - I love clematis but mine didn't even poke out of the ground yet. Maybe I lost it? I lost a few things when we had the -40 @#$% stuff with no snow cover last Nov/Dec. Morphine probably isn't a good idea but there must be a pain reliever that will work for you that isn't addictive.


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