Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Here's the Trick ...

... to not noticing your aches and pains. Just be too busy and then too exhausted!

Yes, it was a very busy but satisfying day. It was the launch and reception of our museum exhibit, "Building Community", at work. Very posh. Very dignified. Very fancy schmancy. Lots of dignitaries. Lots of flags. Lots of cameras. But, among all that official business, very warm and collegial. Good food, too. I regret that with all the activity, I didn't get some particular group photos of people who worked on the exhibit while they were wearing their finery. Everyone looked so lovely, they ought to be in pictures! Lots of pictures!

That was my day. My evening was involved preparing for tomorrow's full day conference on the same topic. I'm whipped and it will be an early morning.

Aches and pains? I haven't had a moment to think of them. Maybe that's the trick?


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