Monday, May 10, 2010

Upgrades and Improvements

Here are my boys with their new toys! I guess there was a two-for-one deal. Figuring this out will keep Kevin amused for hours! Already Luke has given him some tutorials.

As for me, I still don't have a cell phone. Kevin said I could have his old one and just use a phone card payment plan but then I think you lose your minutes if you don't use them within an allotted time so I don't see the point ... at this point. There have been very few times when I've thought, "Gee, if only I had a cell phone". I'd rather spend my cell phone bill on my hair, thanks! I'm anticipating hair costs. That's a good sign. Perhaps a little ahead of myself. Ha ha!

Life got back on track for me again today after falling off the map for a week or so. Back to work. It's annoying to have lost that week because I was just starting to get on a roll again and feel like I was getting a work groove going again. I don't need anymore steps backwards, thanks.

My jaw aches a bit still. Tonight, in fact, I'm feeling a few electrical type pains zapping in the back of my mouth every now and then. It's not terribly painful but it does make me nervous and reminds me that I can't be complacent about rinsing, etc. I am NOT going back to that painful place. NO WAY. NO HOW!!

I'm almost giddy with barely subdued excitement about the feeling in my legs and hips! I'm trying not to get too excited but today I really noticed the improvement. Usually at work when I get up from my desk and start moving, I do my Frankenstein walk for a little while until my limbs limber up a bit. Today there was NO Frankenstein walk. None. Nada. Not ONCE! My legs feel lighter. A lot lighter. My joints feel so loose compared to how they were before. It's hard to describe. It's so notieceable that I'm aware of it with almost every move I make. My shoulders are still frozen. I don't expect that to change. But maybe it means they'll improve more quickly. I hope so.

Tonight, after sitting for a while and making yoyo's (I have 152 so far!), I could feel a little pain in my knees and a wee pull in my right calf but still better than usual. I didn't actually limp. My knees just hurt a bit. That is a big improvement and very exciting for me. I've been off all drugs (except tooth related ones) for 9 days now. I'll monitor my joints carefully for all of May and then decide if I'm ready to start back on Tamoxifen then or not.

I can also report that I think my eyelashes are, perhaps, back to where they were before I lost them all. I didn't have such long eyelashes in the first place. I think they're the one thing that has returned to normal. My eyebrows are still very sparse. More sparse than they were before. Strange. I have a few hairs above the mid-shin line now on my legs. Not many. Just a few. And still no armpit hairs. Wouldn't it be great NOT to get those back?! Recovery is a mysterious process.
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  1. It is great that things are improving for you! Are you planning on working mornings now or every other morning? Sleeping in the afternoon? I'm just trying to figure out when is the best time to call.

  2. Hi Berny!

    I'm aiming for full time after tomorrow. I have an appointment for a massage tomorrow morning but I'm going right to work after that.

    I'm around on the weekend and in the evenings (except Thursday night). Maybe we can connect and share notes!

    I'm SO happy to be able to walk properly again!


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