Sunday, March 7, 2010

12 Days Until Kentucky!

I can hardly believe it. Here are Luke and I last year racing at the Kentucky Derby. You can see that I'm winning. You can also see that I'm trying harder.

I'm so excited about going again! I can't even begin to tell you! We'll also be able to meet up with Karen and Barry from Victoria for a couple of days while we're there. We met them last year. Their son, Liam, is on the team, too. It's disappointing, though, that Patty and Ron won't be joining us as initially planned. I'm all good with Matty making decisions about his life ... until he interferes with a much happily anticipated holiday with his parents!

Last night was a lot of laughs at Jeremy Hotz! He's very funny. Drinks after rounded out the evening. Another good sleep and it's a good day today. I saw Kevin presenting for Sarcan on Telemiracle today. He drove down to Regina this morning and should be home soon. Meanwhile, I'm keeping an eye on curling while I'm doing laundry and some lapsed housework. I haven't felt very energetic this past week but I feel considerably better this weekend. I had another good sleep last night. Well, maybe not so good in that I was awake quite a bit, but by staying in bed much longer I eventually got enough sleep to account for a good sleep. I feel good and that's the main thing.

This spring like weather can only be mood enhancing! I'm trying hard not to think about that whole "lion and lamb" weather scenario.

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