Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Time With Lacrosse Friends

One of the things I was most looking forward to in Louisville was meeting up with some of the parents we met last year. Here are Karen and Barry from Victoria and their son, Liam, a teammate of Luke's. Karen has been such a thoughtful and encouraging friend to me during this past year and it was great to see her again and spend some time together like we did last year ... celebrating a lacrosse win at Shenanigans over buckets of beer!

We were also very happy to meet some new friends, too! This is Nancy and Don, also from Victoria, and ... in the photo below, their son, Mitch (also a teammate) with Luke. We shared a few meals and drinks together and had a really good time!

Hopefully this will become an annual Louisville event. We might even see them again before that, though, when we go to Hannah's convocation in May. Luke will want to watch some of his friends play box lacrosse if he can so it might mean a little trip to the island for that. We'll see.



  1. Hey Honey...

    It was so wonderful to see you too :) We had a fantastic time with you and Kevin. Isn't it great how the game brings people together. Hopefully we wont have to wait another year before we see you both again.

    Louisville is getting hotter with every day so we're enjoying the weather as much as we can before heading back to the great white frozen north hahaha.

    Your pictures are amazing .. thanks for sharing. Take care .. xoxo Karen

  2. Hi Karen!

    Yes, I saw the forecast and I knew you were going to get some fabulous weather! Enjoy ... with sunscreen!

    Cheer loudly at the game on Saturday for us, too! We'll be following live stats eagerly and will be hoping that the team has a stellar game.

    Hopefully, we'll see you in May when we're in BC for Hannah's convocation! We'll keep in touch!


  3. I would love to get together again - hope we can make it happen. It's just not the same without you here. Be safe, take care and have fun. Hi to Kevin .. xoxo


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