Monday, March 29, 2010

Air On My Scalp!

Today is the first day I've really abandoned my wig and embraced my tender shoots of hair! I looked at that wig this morning and just couldn't bear the thought of wearing it again after wearing it so much this past while and especially after yesterday. I even cried at one point last night in the Minneapolis airport because I could feel the air conditioning through the mesh of my wig and my head was so cold ... and I didn't have a hat or toque because my toque had been swept up with the laundry at the B&B and not found before we left ... and not that I would have worn my pink sleeping cap in the airport anyway, but still ... I had no tolerance at that point for a drafty head. I can be so miserable when I'm overtired and overcold.

I've also felt increasingly that my wig looks obviously "wiggish". Part of that is because I know that synthetic wigs stick out at the back of the neck when you move your head, unless you're constantly smoothing the back of it down. I also felt that no matter what I did, the bangs and sides were looking really fake, too.

So ... today ... it was so warm out, I decided I would go without my wig. It felt great! I went to see my physical therapist at the Field House. Not too many stares or sideways glances ... a few ... but I was okay with it. When I left there, I needed to grab a bite to eat before going to work and I decided that a "security hat" might be a good thing, too. So I stopped at the Hat Store on Broadway and found a very nice lightweight, loose cap that will give me just a little bit of warmth when my head gets cold. Super! So I went to the office confidently with a bare head, where I correctly knew I would get much support and acceptance and when I got chilled in my office, which I usually do in the afternoon when the sun moves to the other side of the building, I put on my cap. It was good.

A milestone. Freedom!

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