Sunday, March 21, 2010

Here is the Bellarmine Knight upon his faithful steed, Veritus, situated in the centre of campus. There's a bird on his head. Apparently, this is the largest sculpture in Kentucky. The campus is really very nice ... very hilly and in a nice part of town.

Here is their lacrosse field, flags a flyin'.

We watched practice yesterday. By 1:00, it was so hot ... the sun was beaming down ... that I had to go back to the car and cool down. I had a nap, which was a good thing. It had been overcast when practice started but soon the clouds parted and sun shone through. I can't believe how hot it was! BEAUTIFUL! I got a little nervous after a while, though, because I was distinctly told that if my radiated skin was to be in the sun, I must use sun block, which I had in the car, but which wasn't doing me any good at the time.

Later, a bunch of parents and sons met at a local watering hole where, on Wednesdays, they have all you can drink beer and all you can eat pizza for $10.59, or something crazy like that. Can you imagine that in Saskatchewan? The pizza was very good, too! It was so nice to meet a bunch of parents we hadn't met before. There's a tailgate party at the field before the game tomorrow. Hopefully the forecast will be wrong and it won't be raining! We're so excited to watch tomorrow's game!

And here are Luke and Arden sitting in their lockers. The team finally got their own lockers last month so they're brand new! Much handier now that they're right at the field. Previously, the lockers were in the athletic building quite a ways from the field and what happened is that often the boys would keep their equipment right in their dorm rooms. Two letters --- P U!

Notice the boys' hair? The whole team shaved their heads when they got back to school in January in support of their coach, Jack, who is undergoing really awful chemo treatments and yet hasn't missed a game or a practice yet. Man, oh, man. Luke says he's an absolute machine and I know the boys really worry about him. They see first-hand what he's going through and they are awed by how tough this man is.
I wish my hair could grow back as quickly as Luke's and Arden's does! They just look like they have short hair. I still look like someone who has had chemo.

Okay. Now I'm getting tired again, as I should be. Back to bed. It's just after 3:00 a.m. here.


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