Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Deck Shoes. Aye!

Now, if only I wasn't land-locked! We don't even have a canoe. Nonetheless, I've always loved deck shoes and now I have some - got them in Louisville. I love 'em.

Today I felt the way I expected to feel yesterday. In other words, worn out. I really wish I felt as good as I felt yesterday. I didn't sleep so well last night because my shoulders and left arm were quite sore and under my left arm was a little puffy and tender, too. I think the physical therapy appointment aggravated them a bit. I didn't stretch them at all today. They were quite tender all day but I think they're a little less sore this evening. I'll start the physio exercises, which is the gentlest of stretching, tomorrow after giving my limbs day of rest.

I didn't go to work today ... just took care of a few things by email. I was supposed to work today and then take tomorrow off. But I decided to switch them around so I'll go in to work tomorrow instead. I'm sure I'll be okay tomorrow. My cold is getting steadily better, too.


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