Monday, March 29, 2010

I Miss My Bowl Of Fruit!

Here are some photos of the dining room at our B&B (The Inn at Woodhaven) where we had breakfast every morning. In the first photo you can see Kevin standing in the doorway to the kitchen, talking to Marsha. See how tall the doorway is? All the doors in the whole place are that high ... even bathroom and closet doors! It's amazing! No wonder I'm ducking to go through doorways now that I'm home.

In this photo, look closely and you'll see a big, beautiful bowl of fruit. That was MY big, beautiful bowl of fruit. Beside it are smaller bowls of whipped cream and granola. I LOVED having all the beautiful fruit every morning. All those berries ... mmmmmmmm ... and so healthy, too! Click on the photo (any photos) to see larger images. Then you'll see the bowl of fruit for sure!
There were always candles burning in the fireplace. The room is just SO grand!

And I had tea almost every morning, too! It was always served in teapots with cute tea cozies!


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