Thursday, March 18, 2010

We're Almost Ready!

I'm packing! We have our money converted to American moola. Bonus about our dollars being almost on par. A nice change from last year's trip. That means more wiggle room in my Quilt City, USA shopping! And they have the new Liberty of London line of goods at Target. I might want to check it out. There's even a "Liberty of London print bike"! Wouldn't that be cute? A little hard to pack in my luggage ... and I already have a very cute bike, but still ... one can ogle. And I want to take my wallet to the Museum of Art and Craft, too.

I had a nice conversation with Hannah this morning. She's doing great, which is nice to know before we leave. I talked with Mom and she's doing great, too. Everybody is just fine. No worries. The house and fish sitter is on board.

Last year we left for Louisville right at the end of March and it was just 9 days after my lumpectomy. I remember not being able to move very fast ... having trouble making the distance between gates in Minneapolis and, ultimately, missing our connecting flight. It wasn't because of me, though. We would have missed it anyway. I just remember trying to hurry and getting a little "past myself". This time, I hope to be able to move a little more quickly. I hope I have good stamina while I'm there. If not, it's nice to know we don't have any particular agenda and we're staying in a nice place that will be comfortable for me to hang out in if I need a little more down time. I know it doesn't make any sense, but I have this assumption in my mind that when I come back from Louisville, I will be much closer to recovery ... closer to my true self. I expect to have more energy ... more vim. More vigor. I have no reason to think that but it's a nice thought and maybe I just have to Believe. Own the podium. Own that Liberty of London bike ... hahaha ... now I know I'm dreamin'. Isn't it cute? I might have to settle for a Liberty of London scarf to wear when I'm riding "tiger lily", my creamsicle coloured bike.

I worked this afternoon. That was okay. I was pretty tired, though, so I'm glad I got a bunch of packing done in the morning. I probably wouldn't have been so tired at work if I'd slept better. While my sleep wasn't so violent last night ... my covers were all nicely in place this morning ... I woke often and stayed awake for quite a while. It will be interesting to see how Kevin and I manage while in Louisville with no 2nd bedroom or sofa for either of us to escape to. Yikes!

And now ... the last bit of laundry to do ...


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  1. Hey Heather.....sounds like you have had some ups and downs.....hopefully more ups than downs. Your hair is looking great!! I love the fun photos and also your travel photos are great!!! You do have a way with the camera!! Just wishing you a great trip to Kentucky to see your boy. Take care and talk to you soon I hope. Missed seeing you at splurge last time. Maybe see you at the next one. Gail


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