Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Soon We'll See Luke ...

I can't wait to see Luke and watch some lacrosse. There's so much to remember about getting ready to travel. My brain is feeling a little cramped.

I had a good day today after a strange night. Strange in that I sure must toss and turn a lot judging by the bedding! I woke up shivering at one point only to find all of the blankets on the floor and I couldn't find my sleeping toque, which I still need. My head is often still chilled if I don't have a cap of some kind on. I did end up reading for about half an hour in the middle of the night. It's better than being awake ... in the dark ... remembering horrible lawyers *shudder*. I was a little nervous about the day but I turned out to be just fine once I got past a morning hot flash that caused some delays. Still, I made it to the office by 10:00 and did okay. I'm tired but feeling okay. YEAH! Tomorrow I'll work in the afternoon and then it's off to Kentucky to see our boy. Can't wait! Can't wait!

Luke is number 10 this year. Last year he was number 39. 

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