Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The National Quilt Museum

Tuesday was all about Paducah! It was a beautiful day and Kevin indulged me in a pilgrimage to the National Quilt Museum. It was WONDERFUL! In fact, we both enjoyed it. Such amazing works of art! We saw lots of quilts that I have photos of in books and magazines. It's quite a different experience altogether to see them for real!

Downtown Paducah is so charming! It's very old and there has been a lot of restoration work done. What a lot of antique shops they have! We kicked around there for a bit and, eventually, made our way to the outer edge of town to Hancock's of Paducah - a very BIG quilt store! I bought some fabric! YEAH! That was a goal of mine. By the time we got there, though, I was barely able to move. Between my cold and just having been on my feet so much, I was cooked. But still, I knew I wouldn't likely get back there and so I soldiered on ... happily. And then I slept most of the way back to Louisville and went to bed. Exhausted. But smiling. I wish Mom could have been there with me. You'd have loved all the quilts and fabric, Mom. Next year?

Thanks, Kevin, for spoiling me!


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