Wednesday, March 10, 2010

When The Going Gets Tough ...

... the tough mess around with Photofunia! Oh yeah. This is so empowering. This is me taking on all the nastiness of cancer. "Grrrrrrr ... Get off of my lawn".

If you need a smile, check out Photofunia!

Here I am cooking with philly.



  1. Heather!

    I love your photos! They so much fun! Hang in there.

    Norma B.

  2. Hi Norma! It's funny, but I was thinking of you in the night last night (it was all good, by the way) ... and then here you are! I hear that twilight zone music in my head!

    I'm going to email you soon. I'll bet this is a busy time for you. You are SO SUCCESSFUL! You don't even NEED empowering photofunia photos! You go, girl!

  3. I laugh. Oh my do I laugh. Here you are telling me I am so successful, you will notice that I wrote "They so much fun" instead of "they ARE so much fun." I am making peace with imperfection.

    Norma B.


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