Monday, March 15, 2010

I Want To Feel Like This Photo

Uncle Norm sent some photos of spring in Nanaimo. So beautiful! I can't wait until we get some colour like this. I love this photo, the way the focus is on the branch in the foreground.

I wish I could say I felt as good today as these blooms are pretty. Not so. I just didn't get to "good" today. I have no particular explanation.

I slept okay. The phone woke me earlier than I would have liked ... medical call. I saw my family doctor in the early afternoon for a follow up regarding a few concerns. I don't yet have an appointment with my "groinicologist" yet but my doctor and I are both quite sure that there's nothing to worry about. There's been no more spotting of blood and the doctor who did my ultrasound said everything looked good. The pain and swelling under my arm is down and has been much better since I've been taking care to not overuse my arm.

New problems are that I've had a pretty steady headache for the past few days. My doctor thinks it's a sinus problem based on how I describe it and since it 'tis the season. He's also recommended that I see a physical therapist for my shoulders which both have very limited range of motion right now. They both really hurt if I try to stretch them at all. It will be best to get qualified instructions from a physical therapist on how to slowly and effectively make improvements. I'm surprised that my range of motion has become so restricted so late in the breast cancer treatment game. It really wasn't until a while after radiation that it got as bad as this. I think the Arimidex and even, perhaps, the Tamoxifen has had a lot to do with this. Bummer. I've been off Arimidex for 3.5 months now (and only took it for 6 weeks) and I still feel the effects of it. While things have improved greatly, I still have some trouble that I blame on the Arimidex though it's hard to say how much of it can be tied to the Tamoxifen. It darn well better be preventing a breast cancer relapse, that's for sure! I have yet to discuss options with my Naturopath. I'll do that when we get back from Louisville.

I went to work later in the afternoon ... got there just in time for a coffee break (haha) ... but felt pretty crappy the whole time. I had a nasty hot flash in my office and had to whip my wig off and put my face on the desk. I even felt compelled to take my watch off and I didn't shut my door for fear of losing much needed air. I felt a little sick to my stomach and faint. It lasted longer than most of my hot flashes, which haven't been so many lately.

It's amazing to see so much of the snow disappearing! I'm not complaining. Oh, no!!
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  1. When my radiation burns healed, I lost some range of motion too. Dr H agreed that it was from the radiation. It is improving for me after regular trips to the gym.

  2. Hi, Heather.
    It is a long time since I posted a comment so will try not to mess up.I thought a small fan to sit on your desk might be the answer when the flash hits and air seems to be no where to be found. I know that this was a great help too Auntie when she experienced air hunger similar to what is happening for you. I would gladly find one for you if you wish.

  3. Hi Berny! I'm shocked at how restricted things are so long after radiation! It's going to take some work.

    Hi Syl! I hadn't thought of a fan. Why would I? I'm the girl who is always cold! I have a big old heater in my office! But a fan ... that's probably a very good idea and I'll leave it in your MOST capable hands! Thanks so much!


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