Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Saturday Hair Reveal

Heather's hair ... as pagoda. It's long enough to be trying to curl! It looks silly, but it's curls!

I must have fought some serious battles in my sleep last night. I woke up chilly in the night and all of the bedding but a sheet were on the floor! I gathered the blankets back up, got warm, slept and woke up later and they were on the floor again! For the past several months I typically make a stew of the bedding during the night but last night was the first time it all ended up on the floor. Twice. This is all especially peculiar for me because I'm one of those who could usually slide out of bed in the morning, fluff my pillow, run a hand over the covers and you would never know I'd even been there. I barely moved all night. And now ... what a difference!
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  1. Hair is looking good!
    And those 'fun' photos are wonderful . . . looking forward to trying it myself. Just have to round up some photos of ourselves to insert.
    Glad Luke continues to do well (and enjoy) the lacrosse. Sounds like you'll have fun down there.
    Haven't been back at the PAC since skiing, but hopefully will get back to it this week. Let me know when you're into another walk-about.

  2. This is looking better every week, Heather. Perhaps you are getting near the full deal reveal. I doesn't have to be just full face; it could be a whole you photo.

  3. Hi Laurel,

    I haven't been back to the PAC since we last went either! Now that I'm back at work part time, I usually feel too tired in the evening and need the time earlier in the day to do some things at home. Now I can't wait to start biking to work. I've been dreaming about my bike regularly since the weather turned so uncommonly warm! If I get my act together and feel up to start walking again, I'll let you know. Erin might want to walk with us, too.

  4. Hi Cheryl! What you propose is VERY SCARY still! I had hoped to be going without my wig by now, but I just don't feel ready yet --- too many bald spots showing through still and what hadn't occurred to me is that my hair doesn't grow out with "a style". It's just unruly hairs that poke out over my ears awkwardly. Now I know why we have hair "stylists". Of course, I don't have enough for a stylist to work with yet. How I wish it would just hurry up and grow! Also, the grey feels a little strange to me, too. I had some before but not much. I have much more now. Either that or it just shows more when there's so little hair altogether. Hair. How it weighs on my mind ... and yet it doesn't weigh anything at all on my head! Could that be a riddle?

    Sorry for the stream of consciousness! It's late and I'm getting giddily excited about leaving for Louisville tomorrow! I'm too excited to sleep.


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