Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bellarmine Posts Another Win

It was another great game day! Bellarmine won 17 to 12 over Presbyterian yesterday! He got 2 goals and was very close to a 3rd. Maybe we can soon start calling him 2-Point Luke!

We attended the parents' tailgate party and then moved on to the bleachers for the game. It was a sunny, warm day. I had to move into a shady spot for the 4th quarter because I was a little over-done.

After the game we went with some other players and parents to Shenanigans (the local watering hole) for some celebratory drinks. Here's Luke looking happy. Honest. This is happy. A mother knows. Of course, he's also saying, with this look, "Mom, put the camera away". A mother knows this, too.

I'm not ready to come home yet.


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