Sunday, March 21, 2010

Saturday Hair Show From Louisville

It's Sunday by now but this photo was taken yesterday. It looks fluffier. Must be the shampoo.

So we're in Louisville ... pronounced LOOi-vlll. The soft "i" is barely pronounced at all and sometimes not even. While it would appear to be a 3 syllable word, it's pronounced as 2 syllables and the "vlll" is very guttural ... deep in the throat.

The trip went well. No issues except for some untimely hot flashes, one of which had me whipping off my wig on the plane. What the heck ... nobody knew me! It's nice having Kevin around to help me in and out of jackets. The bones in my left arm have been especially achie since Friday. I don't understand that.

With the 2 hour time change, we got in at 10:30 at night and then went directly to Bellarmine to see Luke! YEAH! He helped us unpack and then we joined some of his friends at Shenanigans, their local Irish pub, for a drink. We sat outside, oh yes we did! It was that nice out! People were wearing shorts!

More to come ...


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  1. Yes .. right to see the kids is where I'd go too :)


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