Sunday, March 14, 2010

Going Bananas!

Before I start my banana story, take a look at my new banana bowl! Lynn painted it in Mexico and brought it back for us for taking care of Otto (as if that was a chore!). Isn't it nice?

Okay. Banana story. This is crazy. If you didn't think I was nuts already, you surely will now. And you should. Even I think I'm nuts. Bananas, actually.

You see ...

As you might recall, after a few bad days last week where I had a lot of bone pain in my arms, I mentioned that the only thing I had done differently at the time the pain suddenly subsided was get back to eating my daily banana after missing for a few days when I'd run out. It just seemed odd to me that the only days my arms ached so badly were the only days I hadn't had a banana. It's the only thing in my life that was different. I didn't give it any further thought because, of course, the whole idea is ludicrous! I thought about the potassium angle but my last blood work indicated that my potassium was in the normal range and besides, does potassium have anything to do with bone pain? Not that I'm aware of, though I haven't researched it. Yet.

Then ...

Yesterday I woke up feeling pretty good despite the duvet wrangling I must have been doing all night. Kevin and I went out in the afternoon to run some errands. As the afternoon went on, I noticed that my arms were starting to ache and I was having more trouble with my lower limbs as well. By the time we got home from the grocery store at 6:00, it was all I could do to leverage myself out of the car and waddle to the house. And my arms really ached to use for anything at all. I said to Kevin, "I didn't have a banana today. That couldn't possibly be it, could it?" He said, "For God's sake, eat a banana!". So I did ... before the rest of the groceries were even unpacked. It couldn't hurt, right? And oddly enough, by the time I went to bed last night, my arms weren't nearly as sore and I was walking better, too. But that's crazy! I don't believe it's a placebo effect because I really can't believe that eating a banana could possibly make such a noticeable difference. So, call me bananas, but I'm sticking with my daily banana. Kevin said we'll have to stop and buy some as soon as we get to Louisville on Friday. I think he's right.

I had my banana today. So far, so good. Crazy. Bananas!

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