Saturday, March 6, 2010

Walking On Sunshine!

See all that grey fluff peeking out the sides of my hat?! That's exciting to me. It doesn't make me feel quite so bald in a hat. It makes a hat a more viable alternative to a wig.

Last night Kevin and I met up with Rex, Erin and Gavin for a traditional Friday night dinner at Norm's (Nutana Cafe). I had planned on spending the evening at home but since I was feeling quite good, I spontaneously decided to join Rex and Erin and go to the Sports and Leisure show. Just for the heck of it. I have no particular interest in boats and such but it was just nice to get out and about for a while. I saw Ron and Devy there, which was a very nice surprise! Kevin was there, too, but I didn't see him. He had a date to go with some fishing buddies and they were looking at some specific things that would have bored me to death ... at least for as long as they probably spent. I was home long before they had even finished looking.

And then I slept. And slept. And slept. About 11 hours. And man, did I need it! I feel so much better for having slept so long. I was awake a little bit during that time but not much. Not as much as usual. It's great to feel so good and such a beautiful, sunny, warm spring-like day. Unbelievable weather! Kevin and I ran a few errands today. We saw the lottery show home, which is beautiful. I think. I mostly loved it. We stopped at Don and Syl's to lend some thoughts on paint colours for their basement walls. We stopped at the mall and a drug store and here we are home again.

Soon we'll join Dwayne and Shelley for dinner and then we'll see Jeremy Hotz (Kevin's favourite comedian - I got him tickets for his birthday) at the Auditorium. A nice evening planned.

On the side effects front:
  • No more blood. Yeah!
  • Armpit not as puffy ... just a bit ... and certainly not as sore. I notice I've had to adjust my watch band a notch bigger, though. **frown**.
  • My right shoulder where I have that "impingement syndrome" ... not so good. I'm trying to be very careful with it but all it takes is a little movement that I don't expect to hurt and then pain is very acute. I've been letting my arm hang loosely from time to time as the physical therapist instructed but I only remembered last night that I'm also supposed to ice it regularly. I wish I'd remembered that earlier. I'm sure it will make a difference now that I've remembered to do that. I bought ice packs for both home and work today.
  • My legs are moving so much better than they have been since the end of October. That's so exciting!! It's easier to dress myself ... easier to put on knickers and socks and probably a lot easier to get tights or hose on! I can get in and out of the tub easier. My knees and hips hardly hurt at all. I can walk better. I can go from sitting to standing so much easier. Stairs are easier. Getting in an out of anything other than slip-on shoes is easier. Happy Happy Joy Joy!
  • The numbness in my feet is starting to subside a little. My toes especially are still numb but not as numb. It's like dental freezing that is VERY slowly and gradually coming out. Things are more tingly where they used to be completely numb. That's a promising sign, I think.
  • I feel just a little slimmer ... like I can stand straighter and taller ... like I might not have to live my life in a moo-moo. I can get into some clothes that I couldn't wear for a while and I bought some new clothes, too. It does wonders for my sense of well-being to feel better about my appearance.
  • Hair would do me so much good. WILL do me so much good. Will. Will.


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