Monday, March 29, 2010

Some More Views of The Inn

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  1. Well I am happy to have you back home but I can see why you wouldn't want to come home! YAY for wind blown hair! If I stretch my bangs down, they go half way down my forehead now. The problem is that when I comb them down when they're wet, they curl up in a big swoop instead of under and it looks quite ridiculous! haha. Did you get my email about the new oncologist they are giving me?

  2. Hi Berny! I missed you, my little fuzzier than me friend! Bangs half way down your forehead! WOW! That's hilarious about them curling up into a nice, little brim ... all the better for shading your eyes from the sun, right?

    I, too, have curl issues. Curls are good, but when they're so little on such a big head, I find they look super silly! Or they can. The ones over my ears after I wash my hair look very funny, too. I call it my "three stooges look".

    I haven't really checked emails much yet, but I'm on my way to that. I'll respond tonight or tomorrow!


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