Sunday, February 21, 2010

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Another decorating marvel by Chantelle! This time for Dana's birthday, which was last night. And yes, he's all about Guinness! It was a surprise party and I think he was pretty surprised! I've never seen so many people packed into Dana and Sue's house ... quiet as mice while we waited for Dana to walk in. And now I can tell you that it was Dana's brother, Glenn, who was our house guest this weekend! I couldn't say anything before because of it being a surprise! He drove from Winnipeg on Friday so he'd be here for Dana's birthday.

Happy Birthday, Dana!

Kevin and I didn't stay long at the party. Both of us were feeling a little off. Kevin since late afternoon and me just about the time we got to the party. We were both home by 9:30. Kevin isn't feeling very well today yet and while I feel fine, I do feel generally wasted today. I had such a long sleep, so I'm surprised I feel so tired. As you might imagine, it's been pretty much an Olympic day with both of us parked in front of the tv. I didn't even get out of my pajamas all day.

Luke's team had a good game yesterday. Even though they were the underdogs by a long shot and they ultimately lost 12-7, Luke says they could have won and that they played well. There were some upsetting reffing moments in the last quarter, Luke said. Luke's not one to make excuses so it must have been a real issue. If not for his team getting 4 penalties right near the end, Luke said they would have had a chance. I'd like to have seen the game. Luke got a goal in the 4th. Next weekend they travel to Philadelphia to play St. Joseph's University. Maybe Hannah will make it to that game.

Come on Canada. Win this hockey game!

By the way, it's interesting to look at the front pages of Newspapers from around the world. You can do that at the Newseum. Choose "Today's Front Pages" at the right of the site. I prefer using the "list" feature and then I float my mouse over the links which then displays a small image of the front page. It's a site worth exploring. I see they still don't have any Saskatchewan newspapers represented, which I find very disappointing. I emailed the Star Phoenix about it 5 years ago but never heard back from them. Obviously they're not interested. A shame.

The Newseum collects and archives newspaper front pages from important historical events (an American preference, naturally). Those are interesting to look at, too. I'm sure the 2010 Olympics will be archived.

I find it interesting to see what other parts of the world find worth reporting (and not reporting). I remember checking the front pages the day after Obama was elected. Very interesting.


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