Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Saturday Hair Report

It IS getting longer. It looked darker last week, though. Now it seems like the cream ... or the silver ... is rising to the top!

I gave myself a little 60s flip, with limited resources mind you, just to give you some idea of the possibilities!

Leg hairs are still peculiar. A couple of little ones starting above the mid-shin line but if you were to examine my leg you would be very puzzled by the oddity of the growth in general. Some amost invisible hairs have appeared on my arms but I could hardly ever find hairs there even before all of this. No arm pit hair yet. No even under my right arm. And, well, just in case you're wondering ... my most private of hairs are returning, too. Again, oddly. A few long stragglers amidst a bit of fuzz is all. I was never RICH in body hair in the first place. I wonder how I ever ended up with so much on my head?


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