Sunday, February 21, 2010

Aspirin. I'm Starting Tomorrow. Every 2nd Day.

The recent news about the potential for aspirin to greatly reduce breast cancer recurrence and death is obviously huge. I just checked my breast cancer research feeds and there are probably over 50 news releases about this exciting research.

Here's one that reflects my way of thinking, which is ... while researchers are cautioning women not to run out and start taking aspirin because this particular research study was not of the "gold standard", my feeling is "why wait?!"

Aspirin: A blockbuster therapy for breast cancer survivors?

I'm going to start taking one every second day. For my heart, of course. *wink wink*

My question about this research ... and I haven't seen this talked about yet ... is: Should aspirin be taken in conjunction with aromatase inhibitors (such as Arimidex and Tamoxifen) or might it replace them? I would love to think it's the latter.

I see that my question is being asked and here's one answer that has been given: "No. If aspirin truly helps prevent breast cancer recurrence, it does so only when combined with recommended cancer therapies." (link: Top 4 Questions About Aspirin and Cancer)



  1. I have Von Willebrands disease so aspirin isn't an option for me...

  2. I had to look that one up, Berny. Bummer.

  3. On 2nd thought, if you read the literature, other anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen appear to provide equal benefit. I'm allergic to ibuprofen. Can you take it?

  4. I will take it if I have a headache that nothing else will touch but no I shouldn't take it on a regular basis either.


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