Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Peppier Day

Yesterday, aside from my walk and playing with Wordle, the day was pretty much a write off. I think I can attribute that to lack of sleep. I had trouble sleeping two nights ago. I came downstairs and curled up on the sofa at 3:00 and watched a whole movie (The Claim - tragic Thomas Hardy), after which I fell asleep. But I didn't sleep long enough and I was left feeling a little draggy all day even though I made myself go out for a walk. Otto needed it and ... well ... so did I. I had hoped to be refreshed after the walk but between being tired already and my joints protesting and feeling like a slight cold might be getting me, I laid low.

Last night I slept better. Exhaustion will do that, you know. Otto was happy to jump up on the bed and take Kevin's spot except that he insisted on having his nose stuck under my arm pit. Whatever. I slept. And I feel better for it. I slept those cold symptoms away, too, it seems.

I'm squeaky clean and have done my full body exam. A few little hairs are starting on the upper part of my shins. That's progress. The ones on the bottom of my legs are getting longer but are growing very oddly. Patchy. There will be a little clumb (well, not like a hobbit type clump) in one area, then a bare patch, and then a few straggly ones. Weird. You can hardly see where the skin tags had been on the right side of my neck. While the left side certainly looks better than it did, there is some raised red skin where two of them had been. I'm sure it will diminish a bit soon. My head hair is getting thicker. It's getting that "teddy bear" feeling that Berny described. At last! No moustache yet. That's a good thing! HAHA! I

It's time to go for groceries. Big undertaking.

The flowers and plant life above are from the Conservatory.
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