Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sit and Chill For A Bit!

They look so cushy comfortable, don't they?

The Canada/Russia hockey game is just starting. Someone might need to go chill on the deck. Not me, of course. I KNOW Canada will kick butt!

Kevin had a particularly hellish day yesterday, which made for a long day for both of us, but I'm happy to say he's turned a corner and is feeling considerably better today. His stomach seems to be settling down and he was even a little more cheerful, too. Bonus!

Yesterday and a late night got the best of me for today so between that and a medical appointment that was just moved to this afternoon instead of this morning, I stayed home from work today. I figured if I went in today I'd end up missing tomorrow so I might as well miss today and be there fresh as a daisy Thursday and Friday. I'm actually a little itchy to get back at it. That's a very good sign. I have things to do ... books to catalogue ... journal subscriptions to figure out ... websites to update ... tweets to send ... information to gather for reports ... events to plan ... TONS OF STUFF! It could be overwhelming if I let myself think of it that way but so far I'm managing to actually just ENJOY plugging away at things one at a time ... slowly but surely. It feels good to be using my skills again.

I saw my naturopathic doctor today. That's always like an upper for me. It's so refreshing to have the help of a medical professional who really wants to find answers to my health issues and who is keen to prevent my having future issues. That's key, I've found. Prevention. There's a lot I can do to arm my body to help prevent a recurrence. I know I always say "recurrence", but what I really mean and (choke on) is "death". I want to survive. I've done that so far but I want to give my body the best possible chance to continue to survive and to resist future cancers. Making sure my hormones are at appropriate levels and balances is key. Making sure any internal inflamation is kept at bay is key. Making sure I have a healthy "gut" is key. Optimal iodine, insulin, and Vitamin D levels are key. Healthy thyroid is key. Exercise is key. Maintaining a healthy body weight is key. Good nutrition is key. That's an awful lot of keys! I've had to get a big key ring! I might not always keep all those keys polished to perfection, but at least I'm trying.

And now. Hockey! GO CANADA!

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