Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sponge Bob Sighting

Enough playing with Wordle for today! This is why I didn't get Christmas boxes put away today.

Otto and I did get out for a walk though. We did the same route as yesterday mostly because I knew there was an open area where we could play catch and maybe we would find the ball we lost yesterday. We did play catch. We did not find the lost ball. The thing about NOT losing the ball is that I had to put it somewhere when we were ready to walk again. If I keep it in my hand, Otto is constantly waiting for me to throw it. So I had to put the very slimy thing in my pocket. ICK!!
On the way home we spotted Sponge Bob. He looked desparate. He was either kidnapped or he had cabin fever.
I had a nice, long chat with cousin Lori and we've arranged to go for lunch next week before I start back to work.

I'm pretty hobbly again today. At least I'm not surprised. Fingers and arms stiff. Whatever!

You should have seen Otto last night at bedtime. He came up to our room as always but this time he came to my side of the bed and rested his chin on the bed beside my pillow and stared at me with those sad, lonely eyes. We invited him up and lickity split he was snuggled between us soaking up all the dual attention. He was reluctant to get off the bed and kept burying his nose and eyes under our pillows ... "you can't see me" ... "I can't hear you".

Today. No groceries. No Kevin. He's at an annual board meeting retreat so I don't really need to get groceries until tomorrow. Tomorrow. That's when I'll do more. Yeah! Tomorrow. Sure.

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