Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Hot Flash To Me!

Who needs candles when you can have a hot flash?!

So it's my birthday. Always a happy event in my life. I'm not used to it being so public, though. I'm quite content to walk around all day just smiling and feeling a spring in my step and saying to myself, "it's your birthday".

This cake is the BIG surprise that almost knocked me off my chair at Jim and Lynne's. We finished dinner and Lynne went to the kitchen to bring out a dessert she had made and when everyone started singing, I joined in but was confused and was trying to quickly figure out whose birthday we were celebrating. It took me almost until the "dear Heather" part of the birthday song to figure out that we were celebrating my birthday. It was kind of funny! Would somebody PLEASE remind me to straighten my wig before all photo ops?!! Oh, and the cake was SOOOO good!

And then yesterday Norma took me out for our sister birthdays, hers being yesterday and mine being today. Beside the very cool "rap" she wrote for me, she gave me a stack of bins "for the orna-mental organizer". HAHA. And very useful, too. I already have plans for them.

Today I'm being taken for lunch by Sylvia, Cheryl and Marion.

I never mind birthdays. In fact, I always enjoy mine even if only quietly. I do wish I didn't feel so far removed from the birthday girl I was one year ago (see photo at left), only a few days before the biopsy that would set me on this unwelcome journey. I want to be her again. I'll see if I swing that, but I'm not so sure. This joint issue is getting very old. I've been feeling partially crippled for just shy of four months now. My best birthday present would be total relief of that problem. I'll hope for it yet. Before we go to Kentucky at least. The day my joints are really working for me again will be cause for a real celebration.

Anyway, as Scarlett says, "I'll worry about that tomorrow". Today ... I celebrate another birthday!!

Thanks, everyone, for the birthday wishes you've been sending my way ... for the calls, the cards, the emails, and the facebook greetings! You make my day, not just today but every day! Let me have a hot flash in your honour. Easy peasy!



  1. Happy Birthday Heather! I almost missed it but it is still your birthday for another couple of hours...

  2. Hi Heather,
    Wishing you the best year ever (as per Facebook!); and also - be assured that you may not be the girl you were at 50 (great photo by the way) - but you will be much more than that from here on. And you will also soon toss that un-straightened wig (I really hadn't noticed) in favour of your old/new great hair!!


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