Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Back To Work!

This is my first day back to work since June 8, 2009! I hadn't felt so good yesterday ... tired ... tender and puffy underarm ... just a little blah ... so I was a little apprehensive about today. But I woke up today feeling better and before I knew it I was out the door and on my way to campus. I stopped at the parking office and got a temporary parking pass that lets me park closer to the building than I would normally be able to do.

As I entered the building, several of the people from the Dief Centre Museum had seen me coming and they gathered at the door with big, welcoming smiles to greet me and welcome me back! I hadn't expected to see so many people all at once. They were so nice and beaming and made me feel so missed! I got a little verklempt. And then I walked down the hall and saw Ben and was a little too choked up to talk. Then I made it to our end of the building and there was Karen and Nora, also with beaming faces, and so welcoming! They had decorated my door so festively! I didn't get too weepy ... just a little and for only a short time. It was very nice to be back and went better than I expected. I didnt' get too overwhelmed. Not yet. I just started by dealing with the piles on my desk and slowly went through things one at a time, sorting and shifting to make some decent work space for myself. There was a bit of dusting to do, of course. The sun was pouring in the window, which was lovely and warm! That's more sun than I get in our house during the day. Nora had just filled the bird feeder outside our windows so I could see some happy birds! Karen and I had lunch in the "sun room" overlooking the river ... I've sure missed that room and that view ... and then back to work. Being there reminds me of all the things I've missed about it. I really do work with a wonderful bunch of people.

I was very tired by the time I left. I should have left about half an hour earlier and that's a good reminder to myself to stick to half time and not do the "just one more thing" thing. Baby steps. Baby steps.

And now I'm home resting and watching Olympics. I got home just in time to watch women's snowboard cross, which was crazy but crazy GOOD!

I haven't heard from Mom yet so I'll give her a call soon.

Here's my office, dusted and with some cleared space. Now that I'm back I'll see about getting some things hung on the walls! As you can see, I have two phones. That gives you some idea of what a VIP I am! (haha)



  1. Looking Good, PH! Great to hear and see you getting back into the 'routine'! Do take care & don't overdue!


  2. Thanks, Dev! I managed 2 days out of 3 so far. Hopefully I'll feel as good tomorrow as I did today. It feels good to have a sense of purpose again.


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