Friday, February 19, 2010

Listen, Buster ...

I treated myself to tulips tonight when I went for groceries. Aren't they pretty? They represent the promise of spring!

I worked again today. Yeah me!! I did it. I didn't go in until 1:00 again, though. As much as I would like to go in earlier in the day, for now afternoons seem better for me. That's a bit disappointing because I had hoped to work earlier and then be able to go for a good, long walk at the PAC after that in the afternoon. That idea just isn't working for me yet. I must say that once I get there, I'm in no hurry to leave. Even when I'm getting tired, I really don't want to leave. It's the getting there and back that tires me out most. By the way ... big day today! I didn't wear a wig to work!! I knew I'd be the only one there anyway, so I just wore a hat. It was okay. Wow!

At any rate, I got through this week and managed to work 3 out of the 4 days I'd planned to work. AND I got groceries after work, too! I'll try to forget that one very miserable mid-week day and focus on the fact that it's Friday and I feel okay and I worked three half days. YEAH!

I had a funny email from Nora today. She was mad for me, which is great because I'm not so good at "mad". The idea of saying, "Listen, Buster ...", to my doctors cracks me up! I wonder if they'd call security if I opened with that? For sure they would if I was wearing a zoot suit, a hat with a rakish tilt, and smoking a stogie with one eye all squinty ... and had a thug with me ... carrying a violin case. Nora's comments also brought to mind the quote (I don't know who said it ... there seems to be some uncertainty), "If you've got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow". If I only had the noive!

I talked to Mom every day this week and she's doing okay but still isn't 100% steady. She still has some dizzy moments. I hope she can get this figured out with her doctor when he's back next week. Friends and neighbours are looking out for her and for that I'm grateful. Her test results should be back on Monday I would think, too.

Luke has a big game tomorrow at noon (10:00 a.m. here). It's their first home game. I'm glad they're sitting at 2 out of 2 already because it would be a shocker if they won tomorrow's game. They play Maryland, who has one of the top ranked Division I teams. They team is having a special fundraising event tomorrow during the game for their coach, Jack, whose insurance doesn't cover all of his costly cancer treatments. It a surprise event so don't tell Jack! I don't think Coach Jack is reading my blog, so I'm not worried about spilling the beans. The team will be wearing t-shirts that all say "Everyone works for Jack" and they'll be selling t-shirts at the game, too, so I expect there will be a lot of them in the stands as well. I asked Luke to buy a few t-shirts for us if he can so we can support Jack from here. Matty might want a t-shirt.

Lovin' Olympics! Norma exhausts me just hearing about the fun surprise birthday event she and some girls have been working on ... they've made a podium out of a covered drawer, made medals out of round wood pieces covered in foil and then strung with ribbon ... little bouquets ... cake ... flags ... Canadiana ... a meal of dishes from around the world ... CRAZY! But crazy COOL!! Crazy FUN!! I feel guilty now for not even wearing red while I watch the events on tv. I should be waving a little flag, at least. Where IS my spirit?!

Tomorrow ... oatmeal pancakes. I got the buttermilk today so I can soak the rolled oats in buttermilk overnight. If you want oatmeal pancakes tomorrow, don't forget to soak! They're SO yummy! We have a weekend guest but I can't say who it is. It's a surprise. Isn't that crazy? I'll tell you after the surprise part is over.

Happy Olympic weekend, everyone!



  1. I love tulips - they are my favorite fower and they are especially beautiful if you open them up one petal at a time. They are more cooperative if you wait a day or two and then just gently fold each one back. They look like giant water flowers or something. I think I might go out and see if they have any at our grocery store today!

    I still think that you would benefit a lot from a massage. It helps get your circulation going when you are not moving around so much on your own. I'm still going once/month but I wish I could go every week!

  2. Hi Berny!

    I have been thinking about getting a massage. I'm just waiting a little bit to put some distance between me and radiation. I've recently had some unsettling and slight swelling underneath my arm so I don't want to mess with anything. No hot tubbing for me either.

    I can't wait to try one, though. I bet it will feel amazing!


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