Friday, February 12, 2010

A Pie Bird

Thanks, Uncle Norman, for this pie bird! For those of you who don't know what a pie bird is, you stand it in your pie while it's baking so the steam can escape (because it's hollow with openings top and bottom). Cool, huh? I have to try it out!

It's so pretty outside again today but I don't think Otto and I will get for an early walk. I have stuff to do and then I'm meeting Berny at 1:00(ish).

We talked to both our kids last night. Luke leaves today for Jacksonville, Florida and they have a lacrosse game tomorrow at 2:00 against the University of Jacksonville Dolphins. I don't see any indication of live stats or radio/video coverage so we'll probably just have to wait to hear the final results. There is still have quite a bit of snow in Louisville, though school resumed yesterday. I don't think the weather is so much better in Florida right now either.

Hannah leaves today for New York. She'll be there for 2.5 weeks staying with her friend, Dani. UBC is shut down for an additional week because of the Olympics. It just happens to be "fashion week" in New York this week and with Hannah's friend being involved in the fashion industry, I'm sure there will be some fashion-related excursions going on. And not just with Dani. The owner of the little fashion boutique where Hannah works (Eugene Choo is the shop. Kildare is the owner and a good friend of Hannah's) will be in New York then, too, and might be taking Hannah to an event or two. I can't wait to hear all about it.

I had a mediocre sleep last night. I still have to get this sleep thing figured out. It will be important to be able to sleep when I'm back at work next week. It will just make things so much better if I can be well rested. There is a lot I would like to accomplish this weekend before I go back to work. I'd better get at it!
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