Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Side Effect Wordle

I decided to plug all my annoying side effects into Wordle so that font size indicates the level of trouble I perceive them to be. As you can see, my itchy arch, numb toes and dry skin are of little real consequence and the fact that I've had to cut back my previously moderate boozing to almost nothing seems more bothersome to me than it really should be. It only bothers me when I actually WANT a drink, which isn't so often after all. I'll get over it! Besides, the couple of times I've had a drink since starting on Tamoxafin, I've ended up feeling kind of crappy. That's pretty much a disincentive.

My joints, mobility issues and my sore shoulder are the worst of my side effects right now, though the problems with my right shoulder are only acerbated by cancer treatments - not caused by it. I expect the side effects will be weighted differently after next week. After I return to work problems with fatigue, sleeplessness, and hot flashes will likely be bigger than they seem now.

So, for a side effect update, this Wordle really tells it all. I still have my joint problems and had really exptected them to be over with by now. No such luck ... so far. Last night I had a good sleep and I attribute that to my reading the bottle of Melatonin that I have and learning that I can take up to 3 before bedtime. I took 2 and maybe that's why I actually slept well.

Of course, it's easy to forget all about the nasty side effects when I have good company and that I did today. Today my cousin Lori picked me up in her VERY cute car (not a Rav, but still cute) and took me to Calories for lunch. I have so enjoyed reconnecting with my cousin with whom I share some of my best childhood memories.

Uncle Norm phoned, too. He's my colour man. He has flowers in his yard and very kindly sends me photos.

And now Otto needs a little attention. He's been such a good dog!
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