Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Well ... another year older ... feels like twenty. While that might sound awful (and there's no doubt it has been), the plus is that I will start feeling younger in the coming months for a change! I can't wait for that part to kick in. And it will. I know it.

I did, of course, have a VERY happy birthday. Thanks, Sylvia for lunch, taxi service and the whole bit. It was so nice. And thanks, Cheryl and Marion for coming along.

Kevin came home from work bearing flowers (aren't they pretty?) and gifts. I had said not to get me anything because I would prefer to just do some guilt-free shopping in Kentucky. But he didn't listen and he got me a doodad for letting me listen to my iPod in the car. It's something I've been needing since the old doohickey we had for that purpose isn't working anymore. I'm still guilt-free shopping in Kentucky, though.

I had a nice chat with both of my kids. Hannah was just going into class and Leah was with her so I had birthday greetings from them both. Luke was having a "snow day" so he was taking advantage of the extra time to study for a couple of exams scheduled for this week and he has some assignments due this week, too. He thinks he'll have a snow day today, too, and I don't doubt it based on their weather forecast. Snow days don't happen very often in Kentucky but since he's been there they've been an annual event. Last year his University shut down for a week in October because of a hurricane and then for another week in January for an ice and snow storm. And now, this year, a couple of days at least for snow. They're not at all prepared for snow and ice.

I had several other calls and so many emails and facebook greetings! Thanks so much everybody for the cheerful birthday greetings!! I feel like ELLEN!! VERY spoiled! I'm sure Michelle Obama was trying to phone me but just couldn't get through. I know Uncle Norman tried to phone and was unable to reach me. He sent me flowers from Nanaimo instead ... in the form of beautiful photos from his own back yard. And eagles, too. Ruth is an avid birder and Norm is her photographer.

Happy Birthday today, Dwayne! Dwayne and I shared a birthday hug last night ... an hour before my birthday ended and an hour before his began. He brought over some aquarium plants for Kevin's tanks for me. He's so thoughtful!


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