Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm Proud To Be Canadian!

What a day! What a finale to the Olympics! What a hockey game! What a day to be a Canadian! It's exhausting ... all that emotion!

Darrel, Lynn and Otto came by to watch the game and then stayed for dinner and the finale. Awesome!

Here's dinner! I do love mashed potatoes!

I spent yesterday just the way I needed to. I stayed home. Kevin was away all day and night at meetings. I didn't get out of my pj's until late afternoon. A whole day with nothing to do except relax and be peaceful inside and out ... and watch Olympics. It was just what I needed. I think the only person I talked to besides Kevin was Luke.

Today I woke up feeling a bit more energetic. With the game starting just after 2:00, I had to do some shopping while I was in the mood and had the energy and I had to get it done before the game started. Bra shopping. Ick. I haven't bra shopped for some time and I'm long overdue. It would have been more exciting if I was shopping for "pretty things" but I was shopping for pure function. Beige **yawn** function. I dreaded it. Things get more complicated when you've got a big divot in one your breasts and your general body shape has changed since you last bra shopped. But it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and I was successful! After finally getting something MUCH more comfortable, I wonder why I waited so long. Really. What an idiot!

Luke's team won their lacrosse game in Philadelphia yesterday 10-4. That's 3 wins and 1 loss so far. Good for them! Luke got a goal! One-Goal-Luke we're starting to call him, which is a whole lot better than No-Goal-Luke. They flew back to Louisville today. They were able to watch the first 2 periods of the hockey game in the airport but then they had to board the plane. Agony! Probably just as well because Luke said the mostly American crowd was getting pretty annoyed with the little group of Canadians cheering loudly! On the plane, the boys had to rely on game updates via text message. Agony! Luke was pretty excited about the win. That's an understatement. They took a lot of ribbing after the Canadians lost the earlier game to the Americans. Both teams sure gave us some very good hockey, though, didn't they?!

And with that, I'm Olympically drained!


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