Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Olympic Hair Review

Welcome to my podium. It's growing hair. Slowly. Notice how it's getting a little curlier?

We watched last night's Olympic Opening Extravaganza with Rex and Erin. Man, it was LONG! Some lovely moments and much sadness for the Georgian team but generally (don't hate me), I thought it was too long. Some very pretty effects at times, though, and I loved hearing k.d. lang sing Leonard Cohen. I would like to have heard Leonard himself, of course, but I was glad to hear his song represented so beautifully. I have k.d. lang's cd, Hymns of the 49th Parallel, with that on it.

Rex and Erin brought Coco over (she and Otto had a previous flirtation at the firm a couple of years ago during harvest). Sadly, though, despite Coco's rapt attention and posturing, Otto seemed a little freaked out. A doggie valentine experience was no to be.

I made those yummy oatmeal pancakes again this morning and used Saskatoons instead of blueberries! Quite a different flavour and SOOO good! I also discovered, at the back of a cupboard, some leftover Chokecherry syrup. BONUS!!

Kevin is pacing while we're watching some Olympic events. He's a bit jittery because we have no way of tracking Luke's game. The University of Jacksonville isn't broadcasting it or providing live states or updates of any kind. We'll have to wait until we hear from Luke. Maybe some parent will kindly email the rest of us at inverals ... or send tweets ... or something.

I'm making some more progress upstairs. Just wait and see, Norma!


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