Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Making Pretty Things

I know it's not Valentine's Day but I had been telling Alexa and Chantelle about my efforts last year to master Linzer cookies after I'd purchased the prettiest little cookie cutters. It took three tries and three recipes to get to these ones after which I declared myself a Linzer Cookie Master. I had meant to make them this year for Valentines Day but I just couldn't get around to it!

There's a lot of things I haven't been able to get around to ... returning emails ... phone calls ... addressing envelopes ... other good intentions. I apologize to everyone. February just got so crazy busy during the week of my birthday and then I started work and then Mom had a little fright ... and now there are Olympics and lots of fatigue. I've kept up blogging but even that has been a bit of a challenge. I feel good but I find I'm very tired and working even a half day feels like a big chunk of my day and energy.

I worked this afternoon and felt good all day, though very tired by late afternoon ... and now while I watch the Canada/Germany hockey game. Kevin is still down for the count. When he gets sick, he really gets sick. Always looking for attention ... (KIDDING!!).

I've been quilt dreaming and need to just get at it already. I also want to make some pretty cookies again. Linzer cookies and macarons. Those are projects that need a whole day. A whole day of feeling good. And Alexa, my willing baking recruit.

I hope to make some calls, send some emails and drop some things off at Canada Post soon. Very soon. My apologies for taking so long.


  1. Don't you just marvel at how much you used to get done in one day? Sometimes I do as I look around my cluttered computer room or see the dust bunnies and hair on the bathroom floor. Then I just try to not look at those places ;o)

  2. Hi Berny! Keep up that "look the other way attitude". When it comes to dust bunnies (or dust rhinos as I've heard them called in some cases), I've long cultivated that attitude.

    Besides, isn't having too sterile environments the cause of kids' lack of resistance to disease and the increase in allergies? Know that you're doing your part for a healthier world.

  3. Hi Heather, just catching up on your blog, what beautiful little cookies!!! I have some pictures for you that I took in Costa Rica, I will send them along very soon!!!



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