Monday, February 1, 2010

Tamoxifen - Day 1

This morning I start my Tamoxifen. It's the drug I'm to take for the next 5 years ... replacing the more effective (for my circumstances) Arimidex that I started but was unable to tolerate. Do your best, Tamoxifen! As for your worst ... please have mercy! I do fully expect the return of hot flashes, though. I hope they're no worse than previously, which were merely annoying and slightly disruptive. I know some people have worse experiences. I know they're a lot easier to manage if you're in the comfort and privacy of your own home and if you can whip off your hair whenever one strikes.

I'm happy to say that my skin tags were dropping like flies yesterday! I only have one of 6 left. I wonder where they go? I think I'll sweep, vacuum, and wash our sheets today. There are just little red spots where the 5 missing skin tags were and all but one of those are completely flat and look like they'll heal with nary a mark to show where they'd been. That's good.

Joints ... the same stiffness I've come to expect, though I wake up every day hoping to be more limber. It's too early to say for sure how they'll be for the day.

Last night I thought I felt a slight cold starting. This morning, it's hard to tell. I hope it's nothing. I've been so lucky in that department all considered. I haven't had a cold or a flu for over a year now. When you consider how vulnerable my health has been off an on during the year, it's amazing really!

Yesterday I was so tired. We went to Don and Syl's for a lovely dinner and then, after we were home, I tried to stay awake for the Grammy's but couldn't do it. Pink's performance was freakin' amazing! I wanted to see Elton John and Lady GaGa perform but I can probably catch it on YouTube. Of course, I could have PVR'd it but that didn't occur to me at the time. DUH!!

I had a nice, long, thought-provoking chat with Hannah last night. She always has interesting thoughts and ideas to share. Her brain must be stretched to capacity inside her skull for all the interesting stuff going on in it. She's so inspired by theoretical thinking ... and memory ... and knowledge ... and history ... and visual arts ... and writing ... and the art of printed formats ... and ... well ... lots of things ... and yet she's firmly pragmatic. It's a wonder she sleeps. She's doing just fine and is so looking forward to her trip to New York on the 12th.

We talked to Luke briefly, too. His team, the Bellarmine Knights, had their first exhibition game on Sunday. It didn't go as good for them as they had hoped. He said the team didn't play very good in general and his hip pointer injury made it hard for him to pivot. Pivoting is important in lacrosse, especially for an attacker, which is his position. He needs to do some healing yet. He would have gotten home at 4 or 5 this morning. A long, late bus ride.


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