Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Kevin!

Yes, Kevin got KD for his birthday! I know ... I know ... I'm such a romantic fool!

What was funny is that when I got home from work with his card and present in hand, there was already a box of KD on the table because ... yes, believe it ... he stopped on the way home and bought some for himself!! Did I choose the right present or what?!! He's been having such a hankerin' for some KD and it's not a pantry staple in our house, so we've been laughing about it the past few days. When he was told that he could eat pasta (what with his gastrointestinal upset) this is what he's had in mind, though I don't know if it really counts as "pasta". Who am I to say. It's HIS birthday! And what Kevy wants, Kevy gets.

Kevin was feeling quite a bit better today and went to work.

I went to work this afternoon, too. So far so good. I still can't believe how tired I get by late afternoon, though. And tonight I just had to keep my eyes open long enough for figure skating and then I decided to quickly post something before calling it a night. Another wonderful day of Olympic events. YEAH! Does everyone else shed a tear or two during the medal ceremonies? I'll bet there's a lot of us who do.

That slight swelling and discomfort that's been going on for a few weeks under my left armpit has not gone away. It's becoming quite tender in fact and I'm having to adjust the way I sleep to avoid squishing it. Enough. It's time to make a call and get it checked. I probably should have done that already but it's like merging with traffic on an 8-lane freeway you've never driven on before and where there's no signage. After some thought, I've decided to start with my radiation oncologist's assistant and hopefully she can point me in the right direction. And then I'll try merging.

Oh, and by the way ... Kevin didn't JUST get KD for his birthday.


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