Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Little Lacrosse With Our Pancakes

We're in the process of monitoring live stats for Luke's lacrosse game that's taking place right now. They've been neck and neck through the first period and Luke has had an assist. It's 4 to 4 right now.

For the game, I made oatmeal pancakes. I've never made this recipe before. I had to start it last night by soaking the oats in buttermilk in the fridge overnight. I loaded them with blueberries, which are mostly on the underside. I must say they were delicious and I'll make them again. They're a little more delicate than regular pancakes so I had to be careful to not make them too big or they'd have fallen apart when flipped. Here's the recipe. You have to scroll down a bit for the actual recipe.

Again, I didn't sleep great last night. ANNOYING! Sleep disturbance isn't listed as a side effect for Tamoxifen but Cheryl reminded me that it IS a side effect of menopause and since Tamoxifen gives you all the other side effects of menopause, it only makes sense that sleep problems would be part of the package. Funny it's not listed, though, since they do list a lot of the other problems such as hot flashes and the general drying up of one's feminine parts. Great. I've also had a mildly upset stomach a few times since I've started the Tamoxifen. And yesterday I noticed that I feel inappropriately hungry ... hungry when I shouldn't be (like the middle of the night). Maybe that's why women usually gain weight on this drug?

Today I had pomegranate juice for the first time since last Saturday's disgusting incident. So far so good, except for the fact I don't really care for pomegranate juice in the first place. I'd rather be left with the taste of blueberry oatmeal pancakes in my mouth but since you have to take the pills on a full stomach, that sequence just isn't in the cards.

I also had two bad jaw aches lately. One at 6:00 last night and then at 4:00 a.m. I got tylenol more quickly for the one in the middle of the night. I almost passed out from the pain at supper time last night. When I could feel my rapid release tylenol finally kicking it, it was the sweetest relief.

I got over my jaw ache in time to enjoy dinner at Norm's with Kevin, Don and Syl. It was nice to get together and catch up. And Norm was in very good spirits, it being the start of a major Vietnamese holiday.

Arden just picked up a ground ball! They even called him "Brick" in the live stats!! That's SOOOO funny! Arden, if you recall, is Luke's buddy from here who is also on a lacrosse scholarship to Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky.



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