Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Sports Central

Olympics! Isn't the Canadian women's curling team keeping people on the edges of their seats?! AND the men's hockey team?! Yikes!

We've been unable to find any online coverage for Luke's lacrosse game today so that's disappointing. We'll have to wait to hear from Luke after the game and there will be a game tape we can watch after the fact. There is a link on the Bellarmine lacrosse website to live stats but the link is dead. Damn! Nobody is tweeting and the Bellarmine University Radio station emailed me to say that they would NOT be broadcasting the game because they don't have anyone involved with radio this year who also knows the game. Rats! If only some of the boys were ineligible to play, they could commentate! KIDDING!!

We talked to Hannah this morning and she's having a GREAT time in New York! She and I MUST travel together some day so we can look at beautiful things together. She says there are so many things she would love to show me there.

Lyn is home from actually being AT the Olympics and AT Olympic events! WOW! Fabulous photos! Norma and her family had their private, local Olympic event last night complete with running down the street draped in a Canadian flag with a makeshift Olympic torch ... and sparklers! TOOOO funny! And how FUN!

Lots of reasons to smile and laugh. What a change from last Wednesday. Sheesh!


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