Sunday, February 14, 2010

Road Trip to Rosetown

Early this afternoon we got a call saying Mom was being transported from the Kyle Health Centre (they don't have a hospital there anymore) to the Rosetown hospital. We got there shortly after she did and Darrel and Lynn, on their way home from Calgary (after returning from Mexico) got there a little later in the afternoon. Jim, down with a nasty cold, was best left at home.

Mom hadn't been feeling very good yesterday and then this morning when she was afraid she might pass out, she thought it best to get herself checked out. Good thinking, Mom! She had been feeling some terrible heartburn-like pain, a very bad frontal headache, dizzy, nauseous, and so forth. Her blood pressure was very high. I'm happy to report that she's settled in at Rosetown. Her blood pressure came down after she was given some medication and they're keeping her in at least over night so they can run some tests. For the time being, we don't know much except that she's in good hands and was feeling a lot better when we headed back to Saskatoon just before 6:00.

I must say that the view on the way to Rosetown and back was spectacular!  The trees were incredibly beautiful and fluffy snow truffles hung on all the electrical wire and barbed wire. We made one stop and that was to take a picture of the tetris frost on the deer fencing by Harris. If I hadn't been in a hurry, I would have been stopping every mile or two to take pictures.  On the way home, just this side of Zealandia I think, was a cute, red barn and on it someone had strung red Christmas lights in the shape of a primitive red heart. It was soooo pretty, especially with the surrounding trees so draped in white and everything looking so perfectly and surreally magical!  The towns looked magical, too!  I hope somebody was out there taking photos to show the world how pretty it is here.

We went straight to Don and Syl's when we got back to the city and Sylvia heated up a delicious leftover dinner for us ... followed by birthday cake for both Kevin and me. Alexa, artistically inclined and a "doer", decorated the very pretty cake and made valentines!

Now, exhausted and relieved that Mom is okay, I'm home sleepily watching Olympic events and Kevin is treating me to a foot massage playing Valentines Day Poker. Don't be horrified! I'm not. We celebrated Valentines Day yesterday and we have all day tomorrow!

One sad thing is that Otto isn't here to keep me company! As you can see, he road tripped with us to Rosetown where we delivered him back to the loving arms of Darrel and Lynn. As happy as Otto was to see Darrel, I think he was a little confused and at one point jumped out of Darrel's truck and back into the car with Kevin and me. We'll sure miss having him around.


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