Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Librarian With The Pearl Earring

This reminded me somewhat of "the painting". You know. The one by Vermeer.

What happened is that I had taken my wig off as soon as I got home. It felt like a long time to have my wig on and my head was getting pretty itchy and uncomfortable. Besides that, I'd started having a few hot flashes just before I left the office and they were carrying on when I got home. They were making me feel a little dizzy and sick. And then, when they were over, my head felt chilled and clammy but my hats were all upstairs and because I was feeling too tired to tackle the stairs, I just grabbed the nearest scarf and wrapped it around my head to warm it up. I hadn't worn this scarf on my head before but I kind of like the exotic effect!

Here's the painting! See the resemblance? Okay ... only BARELY! I think I need pearls.



  1. Yes I can see the resemblance - even the earrings are similar! Glad to hear that your first day back went well.

  2. Thanks, Berny! And I'm glad to hear you didn't have to get squished!


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