Friday, February 26, 2010

The Last Olympic Weekend

Friday. I worked this afternoon. Just barely, but I made it there and was able to make some accomplishments. I'm glad to have a weekend with no plans, though. I came home, put on a cozy toque, curled up under a warm blanket and watched a nail-biter of a women's curling final! Silver! That's nothing to sneeze at!! And two medals today in speed skating. I was very glad to see that, too. To see Hamelin finally medal and with a gold at that! Ahhhh ... olympic fever! I know what we'll be doing next week when they're over. We'll be watching all the shows we otherwise would have watched but PVR'd instead. Before that we'll have to get through the men's hockey final! I feel sick just thinking about it. Is it bad to want to win so badly? Of course, I'd better not get ahead of myself. We still haven't quite won against Slovakia, though we have a 2 goal lead with 7 minutes left!

This morning I talked to a nurse at the Champion Centre who was filling in for the nurse I would normally have spoken to about my puffy and tender under arm. I was quite prepared for her to hemmm and hawww and then suggest I talk to my family doctor. I was ready for that one. I told her that I felt I should see someone who specializes in cancer treatment and its side effects because my family doctor just doesn't know enough about that. She didn't balk. She did say that it's not uncommon for someone to experience swelling in the area months after finishing radiation. We confirmed that the swelling and discomfort gets worse by the end of the day and isn't as bad in the morning. I guess that's typical. She mentioned lymphodema but I don't think it's that because the rest of my arm doesn't seem swollen. Still, I don't know if that means much. She's going to have the regular nurse call me on Monday. So at least the ball is rolling. I'm merging even though I dread getting back on the cancer treatment freeway.

Luke's team's flight to Philadelphia was cancelled today. Blizzard. They're supposed to go tomorrow and then, instead of playing in the afternoon, possibly play in the evening. Everything is dependent on weather and then, if they really do get there, it will depend on what facility they can find to play at. It will depend on if they're able to clear outdoor fields of snow. It's not football, you know. Well, on the other hand, if they were playing in Saskatchewan, they'd just dress a little warmer and play in the snow ... no biggie. I don't think they can quite grasp that concept for lacrosse in that locale. Hannah had planned on meeting Luke in Philly but that's not going to happen both because of the instability of Luke's plans and because New York got super dumped on with snow and I don't think Hannah will be getting out of New York. I'm sure she would be very happy to be snowed in there for another week, at least. She's loving it!

Thanks for the brownie today at work, Jan! It was yummy! Even better was seeing your cheery face!

Isn't this tulip pretty. I bought a bunch of them last Friday and they're now drying very interestingly. The colours have a beautiful antique look to them and they look so beautifully textured. Very vintage looking. Love 'em.


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