Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Backyard Harvest

Look what I picked from our garden today. Tomatoes are definitely on the menu for dinner tonight.

I visited the Champion Centre today and had my PICC-line taken care of. The nurses there are so nice. I see them almost every week and they've started to feel like friends.

I was also able to talk to my oncological nurse and I'm scheduled to meet with my oncologist before my last chemo treatment. I wasn't previously scheduled to see him then even though I've seen him the day before every other treatment. Perhaps he thought all was predictable after the first taxotere treatment. Fooled him. Silly Doctor. Chemo is never predictable. I've done a little more research and the taxotere dosage guide indicates that if one has "cutaneous hypersensitivity reaction", that the taxotere dosage be reduced or, in severe instances, discontinued. I think my reaction would warrant a reduction in dosage.

Since I was out and about and not feeling too bad, I made a quick stop at Winners. I soon started to feel a little shaky and was just leaving when I bumped into a friend I haven't seen for years! Jill! We ended up sitting in a shady spot for a while, catching up with each other. She had her son's wedding photos with her and those were wonderful to see!

I knew I needed to get home right away. I love the heat but right now the heat doesn't love me. I could feel my face reacting ... turning red and getting itchier as the sun shone on me in the car. Still, I HAD to pit stop for a Quarter Pounder With Cheese ... just because. My taste buds are starting to regrow! Then back to the cool darkness that is our house.

Rhonda was just here. She stopped by after work with something to amuse and something to taste. But best of all was having her visit my bubble. She brought stories and updates about her family. It was great! Thanks so much, Rhonda. When I was talking with Hannah a couple of days ago, I told her that I was tired of blogging. Well, not so tired of blogging but tired and bored with "me". Tired of blogging all about "me". Which just reinforces my intention to quit blogging when I'm done with cancer or when cancer is done with me. I look forward to the day when I am too busy with life to blog and when I have so many other things to turn my attention to.

Kevin should be home soon so I will surprise him by washing dishes. Then I might need to park myself for a while.
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  1. Heather,
    You need to know that you are not overwhelming us with 'you'. . . I look forward every day to checking in with you. As much as we may be a support to you, you likewise are helping us experience this and become --- 'more'. You are giving selflessly (I'm sure many times it would be easier to opt out), helping us also to be more connected and thus give in return. You are making it easier for us. We are all gaining through your sharing. And besides you are an interesting and entertaining writer! I have more to say on this (relating again back to Marlo) but will save it for another time.
    Meantime feel cheery when you are; and sad when you do. It's all good. But I really hope this last stretch is better.
    The tomatoes look delicious.

  2. Hi Heather,
    I agree fully with Laurel! Please do not stop blogging. I do enjoy sitting down to hear how you are doing. Living so far away means that I can not just stop in but I still get to stay in touch.
    Take Care

  3. Thanks so much, Laurel, for your always kind words and infallible support. You're a treasure. You're a crazy woman (thinking in terms of TWO PUPPIES!), but you're a dear.

    Thanks, too, Louise, for being right in step with Laurel. Still sad that you're so far away. We missed seeing your girls grow up and missed a lot of the spice you brought to our community gatherings.


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