Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bracing for Tomorrrow

Isn't this a handsome young man?! It's a good thing you don't get the post-game odour effect from a photo, though. Still, things like that never deter parents from getting close! Thanks, Don, for the photo. How did Luke get this tall? Hannah, too?

Today Kevin and I visited the Champion Centre for pre-chemo appointments. Bloodwork. My PICC-line was flushed and redressed. Again, skin came off when the bandaging was changed and it's still stinging! I think it's the taxotere (chemo drug) that's making my skin a bit fragile. My oncologist looked at it and I might have to switch to a dry dressing that would then have to be changed daily instead of weekly. Still, that's better than ripping the skin off my arm. This time, too, the nurse used a skin barrier ointment to try to prevent the allergic reaction I've been having to the bandage. We'll see how that goes.

We met with my oncologist and we're all on board for tomorrow. I also have an appointment with a radiologist lined up for the end of September and an appointment will also be arranged with my surgeon for after my last chemo treatment. All the ducks are getting lined up. It's nice, at least, to be able to finally start looking beyond chemo even if what I'm seeing isn't yet any of the fun stuff. Still, it's progress. Baby steps. After tomorrow, I'll be able to say "only 1 chemo treatment left". Thank the powers that be for that!!

Now I'm going to get groceries and get stocked with things that might be palatable for the next while.



  1. Hi Heather,
    Unfortunately my computer wouldn't let me see your handsome photo.
    Love the sweet peas. . wish mine would bloom better - not sure what the problem is but looks like maybe a mold along the stems.
    Good luck with the treatment tomorrow. If you need company for it (seeing the Kevin is away) let me know. I am not busy during the day!

  2. Hi Laurel!

    Thanks for offering to stand in for Kevin! I appreciate that. I think Nurse Cratchet (Kevin's Mom) has everything under control, though, so we're good to go. I'll miss having Kevin there, though. He's such a stickler for all the details and he's been very good about catching some things the nurses might otherwise have missed or gotten wrong. Still, he's making me a list of all I need to be aware of and I've been through this one once already, so I think we've got everything covered.

    Sorry you can't see my handsome boy in the photo. Maybe it's my problem and not yours? Hmmmm ...

  3. Hey girl......Congrats to your son and to his proud parents as well!! He is a good looking and I can see where that comes from obviously!! And I must comment that you look awesome and no one would ever know that that is not your real hair! It looks great!! I am sad to hear from Alana that you might not make splurge this Friday but I totally understand. I will have to bring my little present for you over one of these days. I will give you a call. I have a couple of days off the end of next week. Let me know if that might work for ya.....hope all goes well for this next treatment......take care and see you soon!!
    splurge pal Gail

  4. Hi Gail! Thanks for the sweet hair comments. Trust me, some days are better than others with a wig. This one is getting a little frizzy on one side and I think it's from the times I open the oven and forget that I shouldn't be getting that close to the heat. Fzt! Ooops! Hopefully, I won't need wigs much longer.

    I'll look forward to you stopping by whenever you can make it, Gail. I'll be here in my bubble!


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