Sunday, September 13, 2009

Finally! I Borrowed A Computer!!

Here I am at Rex and Erin's for th Rider Game. I came in time to use their computer to update myself and all of you. I'm sorry if I caused any alarm by not posting since Thursday but we've been having SaskTel Modem problems and they STILL haven't been able to come by to fix it. Maybe today. Maybe tomorrow. This is day 4 without my computer and I must say I've found it a little depressing not to be able to update this experience. I find that as I start to hit the slippery slope, my memory slips a bit, too, and I have trouble remembering everything so it's best if I can update daily.

Anyway ... the days since the chemo treatment have been okay. In fact, on Friday night I felt well enough to make a surprise appearance at my Splurge Club Meeting at Alana's place! We had such a hoot and it was wonderful to see my pals! Lots of laughs and shenanigans and, on top of all that, I won! Alana sent me home with frozen soups (thanks, Alana) to carry me through some of my tender mouth days to come. Yesterday Kevin and I went to Pier I and spent my splurge money. We bought something I've been wanting for a long time ... a kitchen butcher block island thingie. I love it and it will remind me of my splurge buddies every day, as does the bench in our family room and the little table in our entry way. **smile**

Yesterday I suffered lack of sleep mostly and I could feel the downward slide starting. I took a sleeping pill last night and really slept long and hard, which I must have needed. Today, the skin tenders have started ... mostly my face, the back of my head and across my chest and my mouth is getting a bit sore. This time, though, I have a prescription for Magic Mouthwash (really ... that's what they call it) and I took a dose of it today. It really numbs the mouth and it does make it feel better. I can take that up to 4 times a day. I don't know if it actually prevents mouth sores or just soothes them. Soothing is good, though.

It was so nice to have Cindy and Bobbi stop by for a visit yesterday while they were in town! I hadn't seen either of them for quite a while. They're looking great! Cindy brought freshly canned BC peaches. She did them herself. She phoned home from the rodeo they were attending in BC to tell her Dad that she "got her peaches" and he kept saying, "You got your teeth fixed?" Hilarious!

Carol popped in, too, and regaled me with tales of her new working life at Persephone! She's one busy woman there! It all sounds very exciting.

Don and Syl came by last night mid-festivities so that Sylvia could give me my Neupogen injection. Four more of those left this session. Oh joy! She also changed my dressing on my PICC-line. We've switched to a dry dressing to prevent peeling my skin off and to avoid any further allergic reactions to sticky bandages. We have to change it every 2nd day, though, instead of weekly. No problemo.

Happy 50th Anniversary, Pat and George!

Well, know that all is going as might be expected so far. Hopefully our network connection will be fixed today or tomorrow and I'll be able to post some of the photos I've been collecting.

Thanks to all of you for being there for me in myriad ways! Much appreciated. Being able to connect via computer is already making me feel less down. Really, being without it has been sad for me and a real downer.

And, by the way, Lori, I went to phone you back and then realized I only have your phone number in my gmail and, of course, I couldnt' get it. Please phone me again, okay?



  1. Yes, Yeah Riders!! Cheers us all up when they play well - like today.
    Glad to hear you're doing pretty good. Was alittle concerned until Sylvia mentioned your broken computer (Thanks Sylvia). And thanks Rex and Erin for providing the interim solution. Heather - Come by anytime if your service continues to give you grief, but I'm sure Sask Tel will deal with it quickly. I have had some great service from them lately, with our many moves.

  2. Heather, so glad you could make it out for your Splurge night and also the Rider game. What a game eh? The way you are going you are going to win your "game" the same way as the Rider's did. Just no contest eh? Think of you often and our prayers are with you.

  3. That was an awesome win, wasn't it! GO RIDERS!! They do amuse me.

    Thanks for the sweet encouragement, Helena, and for your continued thoughts and prayers. I look forward to the big partay at the end of all this cancer madness. It will be great to say "good riddance" and then get on with life.

    Hey, Laurel. Thanks for the offer. Had I felt up to it, I certainly would have been by to borrow your computer access. I usually find SaskTel support so good but I must say they left me a little cold this time. They kept promising to come and then not showing up and then losing "our ticket" and then going back to square one. I spent so much time on the phone with various technicians going through the same steps over and over again, running up and down stairs, plugging and unplugging, booting and rebooting. Finally, yesterday, I asked to speak to a manager and today they were able to fix it within 20 minutes of being here. At least that's done. I know they're especially busy this time of year what with students all moving and getting connected. But still, this took a lot longer than the 48 hours they promised me.


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