Saturday, September 19, 2009

Inhale Deeply and Just Breathe ...

Saturday morning. Hmmm ...

I don't feel so awful as yesterday but I don't feel very good, that's for sure. I still have that "hit by a cement truck" feeling. And my face is still red, puffy, hot and itchy, though not as bad as it had been ... I think. So far. I still have a low-grade fever. Come on, antibiotics ... do your stuff. We'll see what the day brings.

This is a gladiola from our back yard. I stepped outside last night for some fresh air and took this photo. I think there was a nice sunset last night. I could see a bit of it over the houses and treetops.

I always take some time on this date to remember my Dad. Luke reminded me of him yesterday. Like Dad, Luke always knows so much more than you think he knows and sometimes I'm startled when he reveals his understanding or knowledge of something. You might not think he's paying attention but he really is soaking up information and storing it away. My Dad was always a bit mysterious to me that way. A man of few words but when he spoke, it was almost always significant. I see that similarity in Luke. Thanks, Don and Syl, for the pretty bouquet and the thoughtful card and for remembering my Dad, too.

Here's hoping for a better day today. My stomach feels shaky. Must eat toast.



  1. I'm amazed how our sons surprise us ... and our daughters. It shouldnt be a surprise if we've done our job right, but we are not the only influence in their lives. They are a melting pot of everything and everyone that touches them and what they come up with as they blend it all together is what makes them truly unique.

    My youngest brother is a true individual with a build the most like Liam's and a personality that is truly his own. Liam wasnt raised close to him yet there are moments when I talk to Liam where I see or hear my brother so clearly and I kinda like it.

    Sounds like the essence of your dad continues on .. that's nice. Dad's are cool :)

    I hope the antibiotics work their magic so you can feel better today. Thinking of you xo

  2. Hi Karen! Yes, it's such a comfort to see those little genetic connectors, isn't it?

    Thanks for the encouragement. I do feel better today and I expect I'm on the upswing. Thank goodness!! -- xoxo back atcha!


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