Saturday, September 26, 2009

BOOB-A-Q! hahahahahaha ...

These are the same as the yellow flowers I posted yesterday. They are so perfectly pretty. I love the many variations they come in. Yes, Terresa Ann, these are Gazanias. We have Osteospermums (Cape Daisies), too, Nora. I looked them up on the internet so I could correctly identify them. They also open and close with the sun. I'll post a photo of them tomorrow.

I slept well last night. I was soooo tired after such a busy day. I don't feel quite so energetic today so I might just relax a bit and take it slow. An afternoon nap might be in order. Maybe a movie.

Tonight I have a BOOB-A-Q to attend! Another social event! I'm really looking forward to it so I'd better rest up. Every time I hear or see BOOB-A-Q, I laugh. Every time, Alyssa. I hope it doesn't rain.
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