Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday Night ... All Is Calm. All Is Bright. No Vampires.

Just letting you know that today wasn't too bad. Not bad at all. I slow down as the day progresses. That's normal under the circumstances.

It strikes me as odd that it's mostly in the evenings when the stabbing pains in my joints start while it isn't very bothersome during the day. My eyes also started bothering again this evening, too. Kevin put some drops in for me. And I have a headache, which seems par for the course.

Kevin redid the dressing on my arm. We can't figure out why it's bothering me but I'll ask about it tomorrow when I visit the Champion Centre.

Speaking of night, there sure are a lot of vampire movies and shows around, aren't there? I can't handle all the bloody visuals. Ick. I don't find vampires at all "romantic".


  1. Hey Heather! Good to hear your day wasn't so bad. Perhaps the pains are more noticeable in the evening cause you're winding down for the day? I'm not very keen on vampire movies/shows either, although the series 'Dexter' sounds interesting. I've never seen it but had it explained to me and hmmmmm...might change my mind if I actually see it. I am looking forward to the Tutors starting at the end of this month. I really enjoyed the previous season. Sleep well! Feel better!


  2. Hi Devy,

    I considered the same thing about the timing of the pains but when I lay down in the afternoon ... no pains ... no twitches. Just in the evening. And here I am again in the morning without pains and twitches again. I'm not complaining about that but it does seem odd to me.

    I've seen the odd Dexter. Intriguing and creepy at the same time.

    Between you and me I also got caught up in True Blood. I started watching the first episodes and really enjoyed the corny approach to it. Funny. But, as it has progressed, it has become quite horrific and gruesome in a way that I wouldn't normally watch. It's pretty gory. I've heard the Tutors is good but haven't watched any of it. Maybe I should catch up on past seasons.

    Thanks for the cheer, Devy! I hope you're enjoying the good weather even if you're not sitting out in the sunshine!


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